Jewel of My Eye

Divided we conquer, right?

The party decides to split up to cover more ground. Also, Father Gordan doesn’t trust Father Talis to go off on his own. Snitt heads back to Belphor the dragon’s cave while Wight goes in search of a greater elemental somewhere in the wastes. Meanwhile, Father Gordan, Sam, Morglum, Father Talis, Sister Krees and Brim set out on foot towards the “Other tribe”. Fafnir stays behind to rally his strength.

Snitt arrives at the dragon’s cave and to avoid being eaten (and also gain information) he serves himself up as a test subject for Belphor’s various concoctions. Some of them are pleasantly surprising. Others not so much. Snitt learns of some possible ways to deal with Chases accessories but sadly he lapses into a coma before he can get a chance to try them.

Father Gordan and company travel for a couple of days. The going is hard and the environment saps their strength. They frequently have to avoid lava and other dangers and it seems the miraculous rains that Gordan called forth are still causeing unforseen results. They travellers nearly drown in a flash flood that Gordan manages to freeze with Coldcomfort (his holy weapon).

When Snitt is late returning from the dragon cave Fafnir decides he’d best go investigate and arrives just in time to snatch Snitt from an untimely end. Belphor is kind enough to sell Fafnir a healing potion that revives Snitt but only after some engaging shop talk and Fafnir agrees to have a go as a test subject himself.

Morglum and the rest of his companions are stopped outside the “other camp” by an odd mix of beings on patrol. A sphinx named Farexs allows them to come into camp where they see Balthazar chained to a post.

It's a dry heat

The Pit is even less hospitable then Inferno was and the going is tough. Brim leads them to the cave of an ancient dragon named Belphor. Belphor grudgingly assists them and sends them on to see a group loosely described as the “good camp”.

Into the Pit

The party has managed to sneak their way into Mephisto’s prison dimension known as the Pit. Fafnir has used his magic to charm two of the deevils which is how they get through the Guardhouse. Almost immediatly one of the deevil’s is savagely burned and Fafnir has him mercy killed.

Down a hot and lonesome road

The party continues their travels through the fifth layer of Dyval (Inferno). The environment is hot and exhausting and the travel is slow until Fafnir uses his magic to make a sled and turn Sister Krees into a beast of burdan. They find a grove of golden apples (magical?).

The Snake in their midst

Father Talis betrays the party. Shocking. Sam tries to fight him while everyone else has fallen victim to magical sleep but in the end Sam too collapses.

Abandon Ship!

The party sets their plan in motion. Fafnir and Pitt lead the Deevils off on a wild goose chase and everyone else sets off on foot towards the citadel. The Breath will wait for a while and then travel back to the portal. There it will wait for everybodies return.

The Ship of Horrors

With everybody (mostly) back aboard the Breath the journey continues. However it’s not that long before the ship is attacked again. This time a pair of massive deevils known as horror’s have appeared on deck and begin to reek havoc.

Good cop, viscious evil cop

The battle is long and brutal but despite injury the party is victorious. Father Talis has captured an imp and takes it onto the Breath for interrogation. He asks for Sam’s help and between the two of them the imp is “broken”.

Welcome aboard!

The dragondactyl lands on the deck of Bahanath’s Breath and it’s rider immediatly takes an aggressive stance, knife in hand. After he’s calmed down (somewhat) he reveals his name is Sid, or maybe Gavin, or Alexander. It becomes clear he’s a few flint short of a tinderbox and extremely paranoid to boot.

The Path is Set

After much debate it’s decided that the best thing to do is go straight for Mephisto’s Citadel. The ship doesn’t get far though when someone notices that they are being chased. Or perhaps somebody else is being chased towards them.


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