Jewel of My Eye

An Unlikely Alliance

Everybody returns to their respective rooms to get some rest and mull over Bahanath’s proposition. Fafnir receives a message from the other group of adventurers that they want to meet. Pita, who sent the message, doesn’t seem to trust the priest of Styphon and wants to meet in secret without him. Fafnir collects Father Gordan, Morglum, Sam and Snit and they all go to meet their competition. Pita suggests that both groups would have a better chance of completing the quest if they work togeather. The meeting is tense but after some debate the party decides to undertake the quest with the other adventurers, including Father Talis. Father Gordan believes it’s better to be able to watch them then not know what they are up to, especially Father Talis. Balthazar however is convinced they should have nothing to do with the other party and should maybe even attack them. Everybody is agreed that sooner or later they will be betrayed and that they need to be ready for it.

The next day the quest will begin by boarding the airship Bahanath’s Breath. Using the ship they will travel to a gateway which provides access to the infernal realm of Dyval.



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