Jewel of My Eye


Everybody, including Father Talis, Sister Krees, Brother Wight, Pita, and Brim board the Bahanath’s Breath and set out from Bahanath’s palace. Fafnir is the last to board after spending a full day in meditations and rituals. Once they are underway Fafnir telepathically gathers the original group of adventurers togeather where Father Talis and the others won’t overhear. He’s been able to gather quite abit of information on both the realm they are headed to as well as this Crow the Dawn they are seeking.

The journey to the gateway will take them through to the next day and so most of the adventurers settle down for the night. Rest is not forth coming as cries of alarm begin sounding on the main deck. The ship is under attack from a group of creatures that look like winged deer with a taste for blood. Brother Wight leaps off the side of the ship to engage the demonic deer on their own turf while both Morglum and Brimfus use their ranged weapons. Everybody else tries to clear any monsters that land on deck with swords and clubs. Pita goes into a trance and some of the monsterous creatures turn on each other. The battle is turning in the adventurers favor when Pita is struck a lethal blow. Father Gordan puts his extensive healing skills to work and tries to save her but she’s beyond even his help and she dies. It seems the party has suffered it’s first casualty but Brother Wight lands back on deck and using his magic is able to force the life back into her body. The miracle of her resurrection is somewhat overshadowed by the discovery that Pita is in fact a changling.



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