Jewel of My Eye

Paradise Lost

The Breath arrives at a non-descript field and lands. It is here the party has been told that the barrier between dimensions is weak and will allow them access to the realms of Dyval. The party is about to reveal their ace in the whole, the Palooki, when Father Talis surprises them by stepping forward and offering his assistance. Talis summons forth a bewitching looking deevil and forces her to open a portal to the nether realms (she does not seem happy) and Captain Doer flys the airship through the portal into Dyval. Their first look at Dyval is not what was expected, it seems that Dyval is a pristine forest paradise full of giant trees and crystal clear waterways. With the research that Fafnir purchased in Bahanath’s lair they determine that they are in the first layer of Dyval, called Dyval Prime.

The travellers have the captain fly close to the tree canopy and get some distance from the entry portal which is where all traffic in and out of the infernal realms must go through. It’s not long before one of the ships crewman spots fliers in the distance and the ship lands to avoid being spotted. The Bahanath’s Breath is capable of magically camouflage when it’s landed and the danger soon passes. They continue due east, the direction their research indicates will allow them to proceed to the next layer of Dyval. After a time smoke from a village is seen rising into the air and the adventurers decide to have a few scouts investigate it on foot.

Snit, Morglum, Pitt and Sister Krees stealthly observe the village and determine that it’s a farming community worked by mortal slaves and run by deevil taskmasters. They debate freeing the slaves but after Snit takes their findings back to the ship Fafnir and Sam feel it would only draw unwanted attention so it’s deemed best to leave them for now. While making their way back to the ship one of the deevils spots them and Morglum kills it without hesitation. They arrive back with a demonic head trophy which Morglum sets about preserving.

The ship sets out once more and has travelled quite a distance when a flock of harpies gets the drop on them. Blood is drawn on both sides but in the end the harpies are no match for the party.

The Breath makes good time and several hundred miles later they come within site of a great citadel and a lake. Their information tells them that this citadel belongs to the deevil lord Nickodeamus, ruler of the sixth layer of Dyval. Both the citadel and a tower at the center of the lake can be used to teleport deeper into the deevil realms and the travellers must decide their next course of action.



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