Jewel of My Eye

The Lady's Favor

The party arrives at the Aerie, Bahanath’s grand home. It can be seen from miles away, a shimmering, glimmering palace of crystal and gems. The Aerie is the size of a small city and has towers that reach hundreds of feet into the air. Many of the towers have air ships docked at them and the Aerie has a busiling commerce. It’s said that given enough time and the right connections anything can be found at the markets of the Aerie (and even more so at the capitol city of Bahatagair City).

The adventurers are met at the dock by one of Bahanath’s aides. He shows them to a set of rooms that are magically keyed to them. Soon, they all head down to the market for some serious shopping.

The Party split up to shop, they’ve been informed that Bahanath is willing to front them some money for their purchases. Sam sells several weapons, including the evil ice dagger, with the help of Snitt and his street smarts. He then buys a magic sword that will bypass armor. Snitt buys a cloak, a pair of boots and a few other items, all of which will magically assist him in his “chosen profession”. Morglum buys himself a majestic longbow that will magically enhance his strength. Fafnir sells off his own blood and with the proceeds he purchases information and several accessories (which he’ll make into magic talismans). Father Gordan has little need for worldly goods but goes and visits the oppulant temples to the dragon-gods so that he might bask in their glory. Around this time Father Gordan is presented with a holy mace of Kormath and a magically circlet that enhances his ventriloquism skills.

Following their day of leisure the adventurers are asked into an audience with the dragon-goddess herself. Bahanath is breath-taking. When they first see her she’s a massive golden dragon that outshines the mounds of precious metals and jems she’s reclined upon. They move to an adjacent room that’s more suitable for conversing and Bahanath takes the form of a gorgeous human women in a shimmering golden gown. Once the travelers have overcome their awe she explains why she’s sought out “worthy heroes”.

Some time ago an artifact she calls “The Eye of Bahanath” was stolen from her personal treasure trove. Even after all this time Bahanath’s fury is apparant. She has long since wanted to reaquire the Eye but has no idea who had stolen it nor where it’s come to be. However, she’s recently received word that a warlord named Crow the Dawn has information on it’s where abouts. Now she’s seeking aid in not only finding General Crow but also recovering the Eye. Unfortunatly General Crow is apparantly a prisoner in the Pit. An infernal prison run by the Deevil Lord Mephisto. If the party is willing to undertake this recovery mission she is happy to offer up a number of resources, and a significant reward, or course.

As Bahanath finishes her proposition the meeting is interupted by another group of adventurers, lead by a priest of Styphon, that have come to offer their services toward the quest for the Eye. Bahanath decides to bestow the quest on the new comers as well.



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