General Crow the Dawn

A pale elven women covered in tattoos and scars with a bright red mohawk.


Crow the Dawn has a lith build (she is elven) and stands just shy of six feet tall. She has skin so light as to almost look white. Most of her body is covered in tribal style tattoos and no small amount of scars. Her only hair is a crest of bright red on her head (and her eyebrows). She has a commanding presense and despite the tattoos and scars is still very attractive. When the party first encountered her she was stark naked except for blood splatter, a lot of blood splatter.


What Fafnir learned from the information broker as well as other information they’ve aquired about her:

Originally the party believed that Crow the Dawn was a man but they’ve since come to believe that actually Crow is an elven women.

Around 100 years ago the Western Empire made a push to claim new territory on their eastern frontier. One of the Armies was lead by an elven general by the name of Ra’tal. His attempt to claim territory, which came to be known as the Ra’tal Offensive, was quite successful until he was slain in one-on-one combat with the soldier that came to be known as Crow the Dawn (whom was a captain at the time). After that Ra’tal’s army fell apart and were thrown back by the monster armies. During the next decade and a half the “Dawn the Crow” popped up several more times on the burgeoning Old Kingdom Frontier, usually at the head of an army. The most famous events were the battle of Blood Canyon (where Crow the Dawn gained her title) in which she lead a dawn ambush and slaughtered a force 5 times their size. Later, she lay siege to the frontier keep “New Castle” (with her army known as the “Dawn Brigade”) and after the better part of half a year her army of monsters broke through the gates, killed everyone inside and razed the keep to the ground. The last recorded battles involving General Crow took place nearly 88 years ago during the period known as “The Reconstruction” in which she lead an army from the Western Empire (under the authority of Leopald the first) against a massive force of orcs, ogres and trolls. The monster army took heavy losses and was eventually driven back thus stabilizing the Old Kingdom Frontier.

Other then an unconfirmed report about 50 years ago that the Crow was involved with a skirmish against a raiding party made up of giants she hasn’t been heard of on Palladium since. However, there are accounts of her and the Dawn Brigade fighting in several bloody battles in other dimensions up until about 15 years ago. It is worth noting that there is no record of General Crow ever losing a battle she’s lead.

The Defilier has told Sam that the General (Ra’tal) which Crow killed was actually her father. He can’t confirm this though. They’ve also been told this by Lord Zem. Lord Zem has also told them that Crow may have some sort of connection to the god Utu.

General Crow the Dawn

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