Jewel of My Eye

Paradise Lost

The Breath arrives at a non-descript field and lands. It is here the party has been told that the barrier between dimensions is weak and will allow them access to the realms of Dyval. The party is about to reveal their ace in the whole, the Palooki, when Father Talis surprises them by stepping forward and offering his assistance. Talis summons forth a bewitching looking deevil and forces her to open a portal to the nether realms (she does not seem happy) and Captain Doer flys the airship through the portal into Dyval. Their first look at Dyval is not what was expected, it seems that Dyval is a pristine forest paradise full of giant trees and crystal clear waterways. With the research that Fafnir purchased in Bahanath’s lair they determine that they are in the first layer of Dyval, called Dyval Prime.

The travellers have the captain fly close to the tree canopy and get some distance from the entry portal which is where all traffic in and out of the infernal realms must go through. It’s not long before one of the ships crewman spots fliers in the distance and the ship lands to avoid being spotted. The Bahanath’s Breath is capable of magically camouflage when it’s landed and the danger soon passes. They continue due east, the direction their research indicates will allow them to proceed to the next layer of Dyval. After a time smoke from a village is seen rising into the air and the adventurers decide to have a few scouts investigate it on foot.

Snit, Morglum, Pitt and Sister Krees stealthly observe the village and determine that it’s a farming community worked by mortal slaves and run by deevil taskmasters. They debate freeing the slaves but after Snit takes their findings back to the ship Fafnir and Sam feel it would only draw unwanted attention so it’s deemed best to leave them for now. While making their way back to the ship one of the deevils spots them and Morglum kills it without hesitation. They arrive back with a demonic head trophy which Morglum sets about preserving.

The ship sets out once more and has travelled quite a distance when a flock of harpies gets the drop on them. Blood is drawn on both sides but in the end the harpies are no match for the party.

The Breath makes good time and several hundred miles later they come within site of a great citadel and a lake. Their information tells them that this citadel belongs to the deevil lord Nickodeamus, ruler of the sixth layer of Dyval. Both the citadel and a tower at the center of the lake can be used to teleport deeper into the deevil realms and the travellers must decide their next course of action.


Everybody, including Father Talis, Sister Krees, Brother Wight, Pita, and Brim board the Bahanath’s Breath and set out from Bahanath’s palace. Fafnir is the last to board after spending a full day in meditations and rituals. Once they are underway Fafnir telepathically gathers the original group of adventurers togeather where Father Talis and the others won’t overhear. He’s been able to gather quite abit of information on both the realm they are headed to as well as this Crow the Dawn they are seeking.

The journey to the gateway will take them through to the next day and so most of the adventurers settle down for the night. Rest is not forth coming as cries of alarm begin sounding on the main deck. The ship is under attack from a group of creatures that look like winged deer with a taste for blood. Brother Wight leaps off the side of the ship to engage the demonic deer on their own turf while both Morglum and Brimfus use their ranged weapons. Everybody else tries to clear any monsters that land on deck with swords and clubs. Pita goes into a trance and some of the monsterous creatures turn on each other. The battle is turning in the adventurers favor when Pita is struck a lethal blow. Father Gordan puts his extensive healing skills to work and tries to save her but she’s beyond even his help and she dies. It seems the party has suffered it’s first casualty but Brother Wight lands back on deck and using his magic is able to force the life back into her body. The miracle of her resurrection is somewhat overshadowed by the discovery that Pita is in fact a changling.

An Unlikely Alliance

Everybody returns to their respective rooms to get some rest and mull over Bahanath’s proposition. Fafnir receives a message from the other group of adventurers that they want to meet. Pita, who sent the message, doesn’t seem to trust the priest of Styphon and wants to meet in secret without him. Fafnir collects Father Gordan, Morglum, Sam and Snit and they all go to meet their competition. Pita suggests that both groups would have a better chance of completing the quest if they work togeather. The meeting is tense but after some debate the party decides to undertake the quest with the other adventurers, including Father Talis. Father Gordan believes it’s better to be able to watch them then not know what they are up to, especially Father Talis. Balthazar however is convinced they should have nothing to do with the other party and should maybe even attack them. Everybody is agreed that sooner or later they will be betrayed and that they need to be ready for it.

The next day the quest will begin by boarding the airship Bahanath’s Breath. Using the ship they will travel to a gateway which provides access to the infernal realm of Dyval.

The Lady's Favor

The party arrives at the Aerie, Bahanath’s grand home. It can be seen from miles away, a shimmering, glimmering palace of crystal and gems. The Aerie is the size of a small city and has towers that reach hundreds of feet into the air. Many of the towers have air ships docked at them and the Aerie has a busiling commerce. It’s said that given enough time and the right connections anything can be found at the markets of the Aerie (and even more so at the capitol city of Bahatagair City).

The adventurers are met at the dock by one of Bahanath’s aides. He shows them to a set of rooms that are magically keyed to them. Soon, they all head down to the market for some serious shopping.

The Party split up to shop, they’ve been informed that Bahanath is willing to front them some money for their purchases. Sam sells several weapons, including the evil ice dagger, with the help of Snitt and his street smarts. He then buys a magic sword that will bypass armor. Snitt buys a cloak, a pair of boots and a few other items, all of which will magically assist him in his “chosen profession”. Morglum buys himself a majestic longbow that will magically enhance his strength. Fafnir sells off his own blood and with the proceeds he purchases information and several accessories (which he’ll make into magic talismans). Father Gordan has little need for worldly goods but goes and visits the oppulant temples to the dragon-gods so that he might bask in their glory. Around this time Father Gordan is presented with a holy mace of Kormath and a magically circlet that enhances his ventriloquism skills.

Following their day of leisure the adventurers are asked into an audience with the dragon-goddess herself. Bahanath is breath-taking. When they first see her she’s a massive golden dragon that outshines the mounds of precious metals and jems she’s reclined upon. They move to an adjacent room that’s more suitable for conversing and Bahanath takes the form of a gorgeous human women in a shimmering golden gown. Once the travelers have overcome their awe she explains why she’s sought out “worthy heroes”.

Some time ago an artifact she calls “The Eye of Bahanath” was stolen from her personal treasure trove. Even after all this time Bahanath’s fury is apparant. She has long since wanted to reaquire the Eye but has no idea who had stolen it nor where it’s come to be. However, she’s recently received word that a warlord named Crow the Dawn has information on it’s where abouts. Now she’s seeking aid in not only finding General Crow but also recovering the Eye. Unfortunatly General Crow is apparantly a prisoner in the Pit. An infernal prison run by the Deevil Lord Mephisto. If the party is willing to undertake this recovery mission she is happy to offer up a number of resources, and a significant reward, or course.

As Bahanath finishes her proposition the meeting is interupted by another group of adventurers, lead by a priest of Styphon, that have come to offer their services toward the quest for the Eye. Bahanath decides to bestow the quest on the new comers as well.

And Away They Go.

Upon arrival at the temple to Kym-Nark-Mar everybody is lead inside to a small room. Balthazar uses the jeweled egg to open a portal to Bahanath’s holy realm which is called Bahatagair. Some of what he says is conflicting with what he said earlier but time is of the essence and they are all convinced to step through.

They appear in a circle of standing stones on the edge of a prestine forest and no signs of anyone or anything in sight. Balthazar assures them that somebody will be along to greet them shortly. However after an hour of waiting instead of a welcome commitee it’s several massive deer like creatures that come bounding out of the woods. Hot on their tails is a pack of what looks like tuskers but easily twice the size of anything Morglum has ever heard of. Everyone takes shelter amongst the standing stones but it’s too little too late and the bounding deer lead the giant tuskers right into their midst and these tuskers don’t care who’s blood they feed on. The fight is brutal. Sam, Balthazar and Morglum try and hold off the tuskers with their combat skills while Snit and Fafnir try to confuse them with their darkness and illusion spells. Father Gordan mostly just tries not to die. The adventurers aren’t having much success until finally Fafnir manages to chase them off with a combination of his charm spell and his telepathic ability. As the vicious beasts head back into the woods for easier prey in the distance a flying ship sails into view. The actual welcoming party has come at last.

Upon landing the magestic flying ship named Bahanath’s Breath, they are greeted by Captain Doer and her crew. They are taken aboard and set sail for the palace of the goddess Bahanath herself. Her palace, known as the Aerie, is not far from Bahatagair city and the companions are told that if they wish to stop in the great market that is permitted.

The party gets a party

After the success of the operation at the Goldir mines the Goldir clan throws a grand dinner. It’s a chance for everybody to hobnob with important people and get the recognition that they deserve. Everyone is lauded as great heroes, especially Morglum, and the festivities are quite involved. There are even a number of bonified entertainers present. Everybody, including Snit, is invited but he decides he needs to keep a low profile in Red Tower for the time being. That is until he receives word from some of his contacts that somebody is going to be ambushed at the estates where the party is being held. Just as the evening is winding down and everyone is leaving Snit arrives and the the adventurers (except Sagis) see a horribly disfigured man in dark clothes get attacked by several brutish orcs. A short skirmish ensues and the orcs are defeated with several fleeing into the night and one being captured. The adventurers and a dwarf named Fafnir (who was entertaining at the event and helped out with the fight) are thanked by the stranger who introduces himself as Balthazar.

Balthazar then proceeds to explain that he was looking for Sam, Gordan and the rest of them because he needs their help getting a a large jeweled egg known as the “Eye of Bahanath” back to it’s rightful place, the treasure trove of the dragon-goddess Bahanath. He has a means to get to Bahanath and asks that they accompany him to the high temple of the Dragonwright immediatly.

They question the captive orc but other then a possible lead to the Razors (a local gang) he isn’t much help.

After some quick discussion the party, joined by Fafnir (who reveals that he’s actually a magically disguised mouse/humanoid) set out for the high temple of the Dragonwright.


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